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gothic_anime's Journal

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..: gothic anime :..
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..:gothic anime:..

not all anime is cutesy bouncy Ranma 1/2 or Tenchi Muyo. plenty of anime deals with darker themes, including Vampire Hunter D, Ghost in the Shell and Blood, to name a few. you may belong in this community if:

  • you are interested in darker anime

  • you play gothic anime characters in an RPG

  • you write fanfics for darker anime

  • you draw gothic anime characters, either original or fan art

feel free to share your favorite gothic anime or manga, your links to great sites dealing with the topic, or your fanfics and art. if you choose the latter, please use the lj cut function, especially concerning adult material (which IS allowed). some of us are at work or school and we don't need anyone asking why that girl has giant phallic tentacles holding her prisoner. :) discussion of J-rock is fine, especially if it's a soundtrack.

this community is NOT for the following:

  • trading illegal bootlegs or copyrighted art

  • telling everyone how goth you are. we all assume everyone else is very gawf, and leave it at that.

  • snobbery or cruelty.

  • discussion of anime in general. that is what anime is for.

  • random miscellaneous posts

by joining this community, you agree to toleration. yaoi and yuri are welcome here. no racism, no religious discrimination, etc. we are here to discuss one thing and if you have a problem with something else, then take it somewhere else.

if you are not sure if a post would be breaking the rules, go ahead and try it. if it is borderline the maintainers will either warn you or leave you be. if you are directly breaking a rule stated above, you are going to experience me breaking a rule: the one about not being snotty or cruel. there are a lot of people in this community that are here to enjoy it, and if i see you spoiling it, i will give no quarter.

ATTENTION PEOPLE WITH ROOM TEMPERATURE I.Q.'S WHO ARE RAMMING THEIR OVIPOSITORS DOWN MY THROAT AND LAYING EGGS OF STUPIDITY DIRECTLY INTO MY ORGANS: When this community says "gothic_anime" it actually means this is about gothic anime! I know that is a subtle distinction, but please try to comprehend. Anything NOT ABOUT GOTHIC ANIME is considered "random miscellaneous posts" and will result in verbal abuse, deletion of post, possible banning, and definitely me naming one of my turds after you.

croaky won our Valentine's Day art contest! Check out Pass The Poison Please, where her artwork and writing can be found!

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